Friday, 13 September 2013




The above statement has been ringing out in most media platforms in Nigeria today since July 9, 2013. We at Idea Police celebrated it. We hailed it as a classic innovation and a product development statement, especially as it was called, "Nigeria's first".  It just turns out that it is not an innovation afterall. We thought that the company created 'a first', but on a closer look, they actually imported the first. it broke our hearts because that the big companies were finally doing local product development for real, but that is far from true. 

'Milk-for-mum' is not new as we can see below:

The list is endless. It just means that the solution as we have in other parts of the World, will always come from start-ups, and not really the, "Conglomerates"

Syria's Chemical weapon stockpile

Russia and America are currently discussing on terms for the take over and distruction of Syria's Chemical weapons stockpile. The reason for this action is clear to everyone - Asad has done wrong. But what if there are things they had developed while making their bombs? What if they have patents that were created? Will the patents be destroyed too? I guess they will just give it all up as Germany did with Asprin during the surrender in World War 2.

Syria might just be the next place for some free intellectual property. And who says we can't adapt the technology to other products. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

IP in Nigeria

A new drug for the stimulation of IP awareness has been developed in Nigeria. Details will come up soon.

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas and a happy new 2013

We are excited to celebrate with all our readers. We celebrate you all. Merry Christmas and a happy 2013.

Monday, 10 December 2012


Today we ponder on one of the popular IDEA POLICE quotes. The quote was first uttered by our Project Lead, Mr. Ezekwesili Nnaemeka Nnam in an interview many years ago. He said,"What you feel for your signature is what every artist feels for his work. You never want it copied! It is in this light that we can understand and appreciate the grave sin in all the systems and practice of piracy". The quote have since been used in the IDEA POLICE book, seminars, conferences and also is now an easy expression for all our members.
 We celebrate our Project Lead - Young Sage!

Friday, 7 December 2012


The patent royal rumble between Apple and Samsung will continue to produce more dramatic episodes as have been the case since the first suit was filed. If IDEA POLICE were to judge the case, our verdict will be that they should go on and continue their fight at different courts and help sustain a robust IP consciousness. If you don't think so, then consider this picture from, Do they look alike?

We don't know about you, but it looks unending to us. Now this is what we want to see in Nigeria and Africa. Don't get it wrong, we are not encouraging IP theft in the continent, but we advocate for an IP literate and design detail conscious Africa. Consider more of the drama:

There are many products that look alike in Nigeria, but nobody is suing nobody. Why? The answer would be that either of the parties never invented anything, they only copied technology. Because of this, our lawyers are idle, the media is quiet and we keep importing. Thank God for WIPO TISC centre at the patent and trademark registry. We expect that soon, we will see pictures like this in Nigeria:

It will be nice to see Alomo bitters vs Yoyo bitters, Chi vs Fumman, Coscharis motors vs Elizade, all in patents wars. We need this to take our lawyers off the streets and out of the trees in front CAC building in Abuja. We need to have our technicians begin to create prototypes of people's invention and cause a creative fever in our environment.

Thursday, 6 December 2012


The World Intellectual Property Organisation WIPO, has launched the TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION SUPPORT CENTRE (TISC) in Abuja, Nigeria. The event which was launched by the Minister of Trade and Investment, Dr Olusegun Aganga, CON, was graced by representatives from research institutions, private IP research platforms, Inventors and IDEA POLICE. The TISC centre is set up to power technology and innovation through the provision of access to over 17,000,000 research and design resources. According to the WIPO representative and TISC Project Coordinator, Mr. ELANGI BOTOY, the TISC will avail Nigerian researchers, inventors, product developers and research institutions the opportunity of accessing current technological resources, with which to power their product designs, improve research and create more patents.

All the participants and IDEA POLICE were also certified by WIPO after a two days workshop on PATENT AND NON-PATENT SEARCH STRATEGIES AND TECHNIQUES. It was however put together by the Patents and Trademarks Registry in the Ministry of Trade and Trade and Investment.

Technology wink!

Saturday, 27 October 2012


Nigeria's top education resource platform EDUFAST, has launched what IDEA POLICE has tagged "Good Ideas" The education resource/solution platform just rolled out its fully researched learning project tagged, "The Goal Oriented Student" The project dimensions include the GOS hand book and workshops. The project targets the 36 States of the federation and has Ekiti State as the flag off state.

Fielding questions from journalists at the project's pre-commencement press conference, EDUFAST President and IDEA POLICE Vice Project Lead, Chima Azu, declared that the project will distribute over one million copies of the GOS handbook under the Education Enhancement Project, EEP. The handbook he said will be sold to state governments, NGOs, INGOs and organisations at subsidised rates to encourage the sharing of the newly developed study styles and memory retention systems. 

In her response, the project's research fellow and head of foreign language translations Ms Lara Shaw said that the GOS handbook is being translated into French, Chinese and Portuguese languages.

The project is planed to run for twenty months within which the first phase will be completed to usher in the phase two of the project, which will comprise the creation and integration of fast on-line learning interfaces in schools and study centres across the country.  

                                                               GOS HAND BOOK
IDEA POLICE celebrates the entire leadership and staff of EDUFAST, and we officially declare the project a  GOOD IDEA. -Well done guys.

Abuja real estate and copyright infringement

                                    After producing great works like this, how great are the creators?
                 A lot of them even work themselves to exhaustion in a bid to produce great buildings.
But most Abuja architects are broke and busted. Their designs are always freely copied by quacks called builders, and replicated at will as many times as there are estates along the airport road. Our architects need a lot of IP education. Good news is that they have Idea Police to run to. Sorry........


EduFast: YOUR LEARNING PREFERENCE:   YOUR LEARNING PREFERENCE Knowing how you learn best is the first step in developing effective study habits. Every student approac...


Party packs are products. Anybody can make party packs. But not with an infringement to other people's intellectual property rights. Who is getting paid for all the fake Ben 10 party packs in Nigeria? Who? Who? Yes you say its China that made them, but hey, its someone that when to China and faked it. Well, I guess Ben 10 will have to send some of his aliens down here. Oh meeeeeeeeeen!

AGOA and IP Rights protection

A visit to the official website of the African Growth And Opportunity Act, AGOA, has just reminded IDEA POLICE of the relevance of its pursuit for a healthy IPR system. While reading through the General Country Eligibility Provisions, we found again the all important requirement – IP Rights protection. Take a look:

General Country Eligibility Provisions
The Act authorizes the President to designate countries as eligible to receive the benefits of AGOA if they are determined to have established, or are making continual progress toward establishing the following: market-based economies; the rule of law and political pluralism; elimination of barriers to U.S. trade and investment; protection of intellectual property; efforts to combat corruption; policies to reduce poverty, increasing availability of health care and educational opportunities; protection of human rights and worker rights; and elimination of certain child labor practices. These criteria have been embraced overwhelmingly by the vast majority of African nations, which are striving to achieve the objectives although none is expected to have fully implemented the entire list.

Nice one AGOA!

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